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Booking a Party

In order to book a party please fill out our booking form here. Do not fill this form out until you are ready to book. If you have any questions please call or write us first. 



A non-refundable deposit is collected to secure your date, time and character. Until the deposit is paid, your party date is not guaranteed. After you fill out our booking form we will send you the deposit request within 48 hours on weekdays. Once the deposit has been paid we then send you over the contract with all the party details. You must sign, date, and send this contract back to us.

Your deposit must be received within 24 hours or your party date and time will be released to the next client.

Rush Booking

Please note that all parties booked within 7 days of your party date will incur a $25 late/rush booking fee. We also will collect a $45 deposit upon booking request same day as we start to fulfill the party. For last minute requests we have to sometimes move parties and dates around so we collect this fee to cover the extra expenses from our booking team. If we are able fulfill your booking request the $45 goes to your party payment (this is not an EXTRA fee). If we are not able to fulfill your request this $45 is refunded to you in full. If we can fulfill your request and you change your mind, this fee is non-refundable.


The total invoice balance must be paid, at MINIMUM, 72 hours before your party. If your total amount is not paid at least 72 hours before your party you may incur a $10 late fee (up to $30 total). It is imperative that your total amount is paid in advance so that A Dash of Magic Events may have the appropriate time to process your booking.


Tips are never obligatory but are always appreciated! Tips for our performers are not included in the price of the party. Your tip will be divided equally among the characters at the event. If you feel the performers have done a good job please prepare a tip in cash and put it in an envelope and hand it to the performer directly, after the appearance.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
The deposit for the event is due at time of booking (securing date). The deposit is used as a non-refundable security deposit. The balance is due 72 hours prior to the event, if you pay in full, and cancel prior to 72 hours before the event the remaining balance is refunded to you. If you cancel after 72 hours you have an option to re-schedule to a different

date (fees may apply). There are no refunds after 72 hour before your event date.

Rescheduling an event

We understand that life happens, so in the event of a necessary reschedule, let us know ASAP. There will be NO

rescheduling fee if your event is rescheduled 14 days prior to original event date. Rescheduling after the 14 days a 20% date change fee is charged.


If a client chooses to cancel a party due to weather or unforeseen circumstances or illness, the client may reschedule the event for up to 6 months from the original event date based on availability. Events can be rescheduled once, free of charge, as long as the rescheduling happens at least 14 days in advance of the party. If the client wishes to reschedule less than 14 days before the party (or more than once) then the client will be subject to a 20% rescheduling fee. If the client is canceling/rescheduling within 72 hours of the party, a 40% rescheduling fee will be charged. If your party is outside, please have a rain plan for your event.
*Rescheduling fees are based on the party’s full amount.

Extra Time

If the client would like the performer to stay extra time, they may request it on the day of. Client must articulate to the performer how much time extra they would like and would only be able to extend if the performers schedule allows it. Each increment of 15 minutes is $45 extra per performer.

Safety & Security

Client agrees to take sufficient measures to ensure the health, safety, and security of Entertainer and all performance attendees and guests. An adult must be present in the same area as the character and children throughout the entire event. Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the performance and activities!

Guest Behavior

A Dash of Magic Events wants everyone to feel safe at events and parties. If our performers feel unsafe for any reason due to a guest’s behavior, they reserve the right to leave from the party or event immediately. Our characters are not responsible for children’s behavior, and the performer may leave the premises in extreme situations. This includes both physical and verbal situations.

Other Entertainment

When you book with us, please let us know if you will be having some other type of entertainment at your event. This helps our characters know what to expect so they can ensure the best performance. Character integrity is very important to us and so we do not appear with other character entertainment companies.

Party Procedures (Food & Beverage)

Please ensure that no foods or drinks that can stain or damage our performers costumes are on children’s hands when they approach the character. This includes food items like cotton candy, Cheetos or Doritos, chocolate and greasy items like pizza. Please help take care of the integrity of our costumes to avoid them being stained at parties.

Character Arrivals

Our character will arrive at the requested appearance time. We try not to arrive early so that all your guests will be at the event before the character makes their appearance. If for some reason, you do not see the character at the event start time, feel free to give us a call. We take pride in arriving right on time! If, for some unforeseeable reason our character is late due to circumstances beyond their control, the character will stay the extended time to compensate for their tardiness.

Additional Expenses

Depending on the package you choose, if you have extra kids, want to add on services, add on characters, additional expenses may accrue. We will give you a accurate quote before you book your party so you know the full price upfront.

Travel Fee

We service the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Area up to a 10 mile radius or 25 minute drive (whichever is greater). Anything over that will have a small travel fee that is a combination of the mileage (gas and tolls) plus a small rate for the performers time. When you inquire a booking, we ask your zip code and will state that there is a travel fee and the amount ahead of time. All of our prices are fully transparent before booking. No hidden fees.


Client agrees to take sufficient measures to ensure the health, safety, and security of Entertainer and all performance attendees and guests. An adult must be present in the same area as the character and children throughout the entire event. Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the performance and activities! 

Mascot Safety

Mascots come with an attendant to run all the activities and games. Mascots themselves have low visibility and are top heavy and can't move easily. For safety reasons they need an attendant with them at all times. Mascots also don't speak and can't lead games. They are great for posing for pictures, giving high-fives, hugs and going along with games by dancing or pantomiming. For these reasons they come with an attendant. The attendant will take care of the mascot, lead all games, initiate and help take photos and can act as a "mascot" translator to the kids if they have questions about that character.

Severe Weather – Outside Parties

While we love to entertain outside, in the event of inclement weather, as well as extreme heat or cold, we will require an indoor space to entertain due to the incredibly high quality of our costumes and wigs and for the safety of our performers. Our performers cannot wear coats, hats, or gloves in order to stay warm during the winter as it ruins the integrity of their costumes & wigs and the cold can be damaging to their voices and health, therefore we require an indoor or heated outdoor setting should weather conditions drop below 50 degrees.

Party Activities

Our performers will do their best to get through all of the activities listed under each package, however sometimes the birthday child shows our performer that they would rather be doing something else, then we follow the birthday child's lead in order to have them have the most enjoyable and authentic experience.

If there is activity you are providing and would like our performers to participate in, please notify us in advance! We want to be sure the activity runs smoothly and will not compromise our character integrity. This will make the visit as magical as possible!

Holiday Bookings

We accept appearances on national holidays, however, a holiday booking fee will apply. Holidays subject to our holiday fee are as follows: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Holiday availability is not guaranteed. We will give you a full quote and disclose the holiday fee.

Performer Requests

Character performers may vary from those in promotional pictures. Should you want a specific performer to attend your event or party, please let us know at time of booking. While we can't promise the performer you request will be the same for your event, we can guarantee that all performers are professional and will give your child a magical experience.

End of Performance

All parties must come to an end, and we recommend the character departs after singing Happy Birthday with the cake and getting that one last photo. As you know, all characters come and go in a magical way, and we don’t want to spoil that for our young guests. Please keep young royals from following our princesses out to their royal carriage. Our performers work very hard and appreciate your gratuity so much, so we recommend you hand it to them in an envelope or meet them out front away from curious eyes. It’s those little details that keep the kids believing!

COVID Guidelines

We are following PA and NJ State Guidelines. All our performers Fully Vaccinated and can appear unmasked or masked, however you request. If one of our performers chooses to wear their mask, we do not require them to be unmasked. We have character matching masks to keep the magic alive.

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