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Mascot costumes like Mickey Mouse are meticulously crafted large costumes that cover the performer fully. Constructed with high-quality materials, these costumes bring beloved cartoon and other characters to life!  Whether entertaining crowds at events, parties, or street fairs, these costumes embody the magic and joy associated with cherished characters, creating unforgettable moments for audiences of all ages.


Looking for just a Mascot to pop into a party or event and wave, take some photos and give some high fives? Then this package is perfect for you!



25 Minutes

Mascot Character of your choice



High Fives


Would you like the Mascot to play games, run activities and stay longer?

Then we have you covered in our traditional birthday packages



Mascots have low visibility and are top heavy and can't move easily. For safety reasons they need an attendant with them at all times. Mascots also don't speak and can't lead games. They are great for posing for pictures, giving high-fives, hugs and going along with games by dancing or pantomiming.

For these reasons we have packages that come with an attendant. The attendant will take care of the mascot, lead all games, initiate and help take photos and can act as a "mascot" translator to the kids if they have questions about that character.

If you would like a mascot attendant we offer that with our traditional birthday packages here.

If you opt to have the Mascot come alone then a member of your party or staff is required to be by their side at all times.

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