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Yesterday we had our daughter’s 3rd Birthday Party and we hired A Dash of Magic Events to come as Elsa. It was absolutely magical! Aisha looked incredible and played the part perfectly, my daughter and her friends were in Snow Queen Heaven. She does a grand entrance with special attention to the birthday child, a song, games, stickers etc. and stays to help give out cupcakes and chat with the kiddos. They just loved her.

L. Huth

-Philadelphia, PA

For anyone looking for a way to entertain kids and provide them with a little something special during this challenging time, I recommend checking out “A Dash of Magic Events.” We called Anna yesterday, and our girls really enjoyed it. Anna was dressed to perfection, read a book to them and let them chat with her about Frozen 2. The girls were thrilled, and the parents in the household had some time to get work done. It was super easy to setup the call and the website offers both group and private call sessions. We did a group session, and it was refreshing for the girls to have the added bonus of interaction with other kids. This is also a great way to help an artist out during a time when so many don’t have their regular avenue for income. Pay it forward, and call a princess!

R. Laurtitzen

-New Orleans, LA


Aisha brought so much joy to my daughter and son (ages four and two) when she came to my daughter's 4th birthday party.  Their eyes, their whole faces lit up when she appeared as if by magic!  The party was more than a month ago, and to this day, every night at bedtime, we tell the story of when Elsa came to the party.  The kids don't want me to skip over any parts.  They want to hear about how Elsa suddenly and unexpectedly arrived, asking for them by name.  Then, she read them the story of her life and they got to sit right next to her.  Elsa sang her song for them, and they got to sing with her.  She played games with them, and Olaf was the hot potato!  And then Elsa even stayed for the birthday cake and gave them both hugs before she left to go back to Arendelle.  My children's eyes twinkle in the dark of their bedroom as they recall their magical time with Elsa each night before they go to sleep!  It's absolutely adorable!  We are so thankful to Aisha for her warmth, professional conduct, and for the joy she brought to all of us!"


Much love from all of us!


The Clemens Family

-Chestnut Hill, PA